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Thank you very much for the site. It’s great and really useful for me and my family.
My family feels very well after the Bowen therapy and I want to thank you again for the online course and for the manuals.

Cristina Ganciu, Romania.

Bowen Therapy - The World's Most Effective TherapyStudy Bowen Therapy

  • SATISFACTION GURANTEEDEliminate pain in a fast and efficient manner
  • Treat your own pain or that of family and friends
  • A new career in healthcare
  • Learn at your own pace and in your own place
This has re-energized my passion for healthcare. Thank you for teaching this wonderful therapy to me. I am very happy with the course and with your skill as an instructor. I am so grateful for your continued mentoring and encouragement.


  • To feel better quickly, easily and independently.
  • To help others with ease.
  • Support whenever you need it throughout your learning process.

college trio

Bowen Therapy, is bodywork just as, chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy, etc. It utilizes a system of hands on moves on muscles, tendons, fascia and nerves followed by pauses between sets of moves.. These moves affect the tensions that are held or are stuck in the body from disease, traumas, injuries and stresses. The pauses are important as they allow the nerves to rest patterns of tension enabling the body to heal rather than guard and protect itself. What makes Bowen Therapy unique is not the way it is done but it’s pure efficiency.

Jonathan Damonte developer of Bowen Therapy Online TrainingSuccessful Bowen Therapy treatments answer the questions of ‘what’s wrong?’ And the most important question which is, ‘what’s in the way of our body simply getting better?’

Jonathan Damonte

Bowen Therapy Online Training endorsed by Tom Bowen's FamilyOfficially endorsed by the Bowen Family and Tom Bowen Heritage Foundation, Bowen Therapy Online Training was developed by Jonathan Damonte, Bowen Therapist & Homeopathic physician. Jonathan has been teaching Bowen Therapy for more than 12 years and the best part of these years has been discovering how simple & effective a method of treating pain Bowen Therapy actually is.

I wish to congratulate you on the excellent work you have done with the video lessons and the accompanying written instructions.I am very excited and I feel very privileged to have found you and your web site. I am a Bowtech student, already completed modules 1,2,3 and 4 and your videos are extremely helpful. Thank you.
Best regards, Evangelia


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  1. Paul Beckingham

    Does this therapy work alongside counselling psychotherapy?

    1. Jonathan

      As a somatic (body centred) therapy it works with ease. For example, in presenting procedures we talk about the states of emotions held physically from grief, fear, anger and sadness which can be helped and released during the treatment. hope that helps.

  2. Katie

    I would like to study Bowen therapy, but I live in Michigan. What is the closest center to me, and how far can I progress with the online course? Also, what is the cost of the online program?

    Thank you so much!


    1. Jonathan

      Hi Kate, the online course covers the majority of Bowen therapy used in practice and so it takes you quite far. The cost is $299 CAD for a lifetime membership.

  3. ria

    hey Jonathon!
    great webinar! Seriously!! everything went really well on my end! no problems…!
    i can’t wait to practice the moves!!!
    i did ask a question….not sure why you didnt see it?/..but, here it is..
    when someone gets their cast off ( for foot/ leg/) ;long after shall we start on a proceedure?

    thanks Jonathon!!
    talk soon,

    1. Jonathan

      Thank you so much, was quite stressful to put together but it was well worth the effort. Look forward to many more.

  4. Jonathan

    The Gold membership is the highest level of the Online Classes. To be Certified you'd complete these either before or after a Live Class. The Live Classes consist of 8 modules taught over a period of time and the schedule can be viewed <a title="Live Class Schedule" href="; rel="nofollow">here.

  5. Nancy


    I would like the hard copy color version of the manuals to refer to. How much do they cost if I subscribe to the Gold Subscription.Also, if I start the online course next week will I be able to attend the live class in June?

    Thank you

    1. Jonathan

      Dear Nancy, the manuals in hard copy are also in black and white – like the one's you download. They are printed bound and professionally but this can be done at any quality copy centre such as, kinkos, office depot and staples. The Modules 1-2 manuals download are included in the GOLD subscription and you can purchase the downloadable Manuals 1-8 for $129 and the printed Manuals 1-8 for $199. Go to If you should order either of these options and are a GOLD subscriber I will refund the $39.99 cost of the included Manuals 1-2.

  6. janice

    Are you offering any of the live 5 day courses in Ontario this year-close to Burlington? Also my understanding is that it is only module 1 and 2 offered for the gold subscription.

    the 5 day offers module 3-6??? Are the cost of the manuals included in the tuition or are they charged separately? Thank You

    1. Jonathan

      Thank you Janice, the Gold subscription now includes the Manuals 1-2 for download via the Downloads page.
      There will be a class in Stoney Creek this JUne or July. I am waiting to hear from the current students to confirm the exact date. Jonathan

  7. Nasia Petkova

    I would like information for Bowen courses for 2013 . I do live in Markham , Ontario and i had a personal experiences with a Bowen treatment dating back in 2006-2007 . Thank you in advanced.

    With gratitude ,

    Nasia .

    1. Jonathan

      Dear Nasia, the training for Bowen Therapists starts through the online programme offered here and ends with a live class lasting 5 days. You can begin when you are ready adn finish in your own time as well.

  8. Sandra alvarez

    Im currently living in south america and would like to do your online class. Will I be able to complete it and get certified in south amaerica

    1. Jonathan

      Yes it is possible, the usual certification class is over 5 days in a live 'hands on' setting. There are ways to do a teleconference as well.

  9. Houriya EL Alaoui

    Hi, Im a natural health practitionerIm interested in learning bowen therapy,I will be in the east coast begining july pls provide me with the upcoming trainings,I think for this kind of practice a live training is needed. what do you think? is the 5 days hand on enaught/

    Best Regards,


    1. Jonathan

      The manuals are not available in French at this time. The training follows a system of 8 modules. There are 4 modules online and once these are completed the student can take the 'hands on' live class towards certification. The students that take the online section are the best as they have been able to repeat lessons as often as needed.

  10. Edna Cormier

    I am very interested in learning Bowen Therapy. My goal is to become a Bowen Therapist. I received Bowen treatment here in Alberta and it was wonderful. It is the only thing that healed my knee, tried meds, got xrays, etc. I will be living in N.B. soon and I would love to find out how to get started in Bowen. I also would like to know if you would offer the course on the East Coast in the future? Thanks.

    1. Jonathan

      The Bowen-Online training is designed for your situation where your enthusiasm is met with quality content as there is a better way to learn the method than just attending live classes. A live class, consisting of the the modules 5-6, in the East coast will happen once there are enough people ready. This would likely happen in the fall of this year. It's important to understand the process of the online training here as the first 4 modules are available online and the next 2, modules 5 & 6, are live classes where modules 1-4 are fully reviewed as well.

  11. Kevin Naik

    *Can you please advice if there are any centers for learning Bowen techniques in Mumbai (India).

    *If i would like to learn it online what are the facilities available and what limitations could there be.

    1. Jonathan

      There is no Bowen Therapy center in India to this time to my knowledge. The limitations for you as a distance student are simply the fact that you're skills will be refined only to a certain level that is hard to go beyond without having a live class with feedback in the moment. This does not imply you will not get good results but more the fact that when learning a new skill it takes practice and refinement after each plateau of learning is achieved. I have videoconferencing abilities and that will be an option at some point and if there are enough students in Mumbai then I will come.

  12. Jonathan

    It would be wonderful to come to Halifax to do a class…I used to go to work there from the Annapolis Valley. Currently there is one Mod 5-6 certification class scheduled in Hamilton, Ontario Oct 9-13 & Vancouver, BC Nov 13-17. If there is a large enough demand on the East coast class can absolutely happen.

  13. Jonathan

    The online training is the first step in the certification process, after completing the online content a student can then attend a 5 day workshop where their technique is fine tuned and the content they studied online is reviewed and the balance of the training is completed. After which an assessment and written exam is given to accredit the student. For information, please refer to

  14. Danielle Allen

    I would like more information about online bowen therapy certification, please. I am interested in the cost of taking the course, and exactly what is involved in the content, and if you would be certified in Nova Scotia with this course.

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