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Jonathan Damonte seen with Man, John and Erica - Salt Spring Island 2017

Jonathan Damonte seen with Man, John and Erica – Salt Spring Island 2017

Bowen-Online is an online training platform designed to support the learning of Bowen Therapy or Bowen Technique. It was started in 2012 by Jonathan Damonte a longtime teacher and therapist located on the West Coast of Canada. He has trained with many of the original proponents and teachers of Bowen Technique including, Ossie Rentsch, a long time student of the Founder, Tom Bowen, John Wilkes, Patrick Rousselot, Ossie and his wife Elaine came often to Canada in the early days to teach and it is Ossie who most influenced his style of teaching and practice.

In 1999, he founded the original Bowen Therapy ‘Walk In’ clinic, the Be Well Now Centre for Pain and Chronic Disease in Toronto, Canada. Shortly after he formed Bowen Canada a registry for therapists. He worked with The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, then known as Bowtech. Between 2002 and 2011, and taught many of the therapists working in Canada today. In 2008 he with a group of like minded parters ran a chain of Bowen Therapy Clinics that still exist today. In 2008 he formed the North American Bowen Teaching College to support the teaching and as an umbrella for the live and online classes.

After several requests for video training, from teachers and students, to support the learning experience as well as many requests from countries where no learning options were available, Damonte decided to make his training and materials available online. Results have shown that online training has proven to be effective and that the students that have taken the online lessons are getting results. Plus, they are much better equipped for the live classes once they take them. The online lessons are available to everyone with no prerequisites so you can take them with the idea of taking live classes or as a refresher once you have completed classes.

Barry Bowen & Jonathan Damonte

It was at this point that he met with Barry Ambrose Bowen, Thomas A. Bowen’s son and eldest of three children. It was his encouragement and support that gave Damonte the confidence to continue and develop the only training that is in Barry Bowen’s mind akin to that of his father’s original work. It is Barry Bowen’s wish that all Bowen therapists come under one umbrella organization and this is why he helped found the Tom Bowen Heritage Foundation in Australia, an international body that accredited the many Bowen practitioners around the world and especially those from the diverse training systems bearing the Bowen name. Officially endorsed by the family of Tom Bowen, the content of the manuals of bowen therapy and the content of the training online at www.bowen-online.com are the truest representation of Tom Bowen’s gift to the world.


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