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Jonathan Damonte Homeopath & Bowen Therapist

Jonathan Damonte
Bowen Therapist & Homeoapth

Jonathan Damonte has been involved with Bowen Therapy since 1997 after his first Bowen Therapy experience. The treatment was effective for a long-standing misalignment of the left hip resulting fromr a fall from a very high tree as a child. He then trained with Ossie Rentsch, a long time student of the Founder, Tom Bowen. Ossie and his wife Elaine both came annually to Canada to teach Bowen Therapy together at the time. It was Ossie that fully resolved the hip injury and it was Ossie Rentch’s style of Bowen Therapy that influenced Damonte thereafter.

In 1999, he founded the first Bowen Therapy ‘Walk In’ clinic, the Be Well Now Center for Bowen Technique, Homeopathic & Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Canada. In 2003, Damonte relocated to BC and established two clinics, one in the city center of Vancouver and the second in White Rock where he continues to practice.

Damonte incorporates both Bowen Therapy and homeopathic medicine in the treatment of most chronic conditions finding that this is the best method for treating chronic disease. One of the principal reasons that he uses both Bowen therapy and Homeopathic medicine is that they’re both curative therapies that don’t merely treat the symptoms but reach into the patient to repair the symptoms and the cause. In 2001, he founded Bowen Canada to help develop the therapy throughout the country. Over the next five years, he worked with The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, then known as Bowtech. Between 2002 and 2011, Damonte taught a large portion of Bowen Therapists in Canada and whilst teaching intensively he co-founded the Bowen Therapy Clinics, a chain of clinics that popularized the therapy throughout the country.

After several requests for video training from teachers and students alike, Damonte decided to make his training and materials available online. Results have shown that online training has proven to be as effective as one-on-one training. Further, it provides a platform for students to practice and review the methods being taught on a repeated basis, enabling them to master the method.

It was at this point that he met with Barry Ambrose Bowen, Thomas A. Bowen’s son and eldest of three children. It was his encouragement and support that gave Damonte the confidence to continue and develop the only training that is in Barry Bowen’s mind akin to that of his father’s original work. It is Barry Bowen’s wish that all Bowen therapists come under one umbrella organization and this is why he helped found the Tom Bowen Heritage Foundation in Australia, an international body that accredited the many Bowen practitioners around the world and especially those from the diverse training systems bearing the Bowen name. Officially endorsed by the family of Tom Bowen, the content of the manuals of bowen therapy and the content of the training online at www.bowen-online.com are the truest representation of Tom Bowen’s gift to the world.

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