Bowen for Feet – Treating Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions & Ankle sprains

012JNbwVideo instructions of Bowen Therapy method that treats foot problems like plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, bunions and ankle sprains.

A brief overview of the Bowen Therapy treatments for Ankle pain/strain, Hammer toes, Bunions and Plantar fasciitis.

Enjoy this sample of the content that makes up each of the lessons on the Bowen-Online website.


Bowen for Bunions Plantar Ankle from Jonathan Damonte on Vimeo.

Bowen Therapy Procedures for Feet - Ankle Strain, Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions & Hammer Toes

Having problems? Click below for an alternate viewer. Also, checkout the downloads of the procedures and if you're adventurous the taping procedures are shown in the online booklet at the bottom of this page, the taping procedures are not shown in the video as this is a resource for everyone who has foot pain. Ahhh!


Ankle Procedure Summary Sheet

Click to Download

Hammer Toes Procedure Summary Sheet

Click to Download

Bunion Procedure Summary Sheet

Click to Download

Please note that the video is an abbreviated lesson to demonstrate the visual appearance, in this case it does not include the video lesson of the Bowen Therapy taping procedures (these are viewable in the online manual below and are part of the online lessons for registered members).

[book id=’25’ /]




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  1. Linda Fehr

    In the manual for the ileocecal valve procedure I believe there may be a mistake under step1. It says to stand at the clients left side. Shouldn't that be the right side?

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