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  1. Carmel

    Hi Jonathan
    Is it possible to have more appropriate moves to treat diverticulitis, or at least to reduce the pain from diverticulitis ?


    1. Jonathan Damonte

      Hi Carmel, there are several specific procedures for treating bowel conditions like diverticulitis in the Modules 7-8 classes and manuals.

  2. Callum

    Hi, I am very interested in joining bowen-online. As i can see, the gold package is really the best value but at this time i do not have the finances for this option. What i would like to know is if iafter subcribing for a bronze membership i can upgrade to silver or gold in stages a little down the line? And if there is any extra cost involved or whether it would be a straight payment of the difference in package prices.

    Thank you

    Callum Khan

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