Cost Comparison of Bowen Therapy Schools

These schools are all offering similar training in Bowen Therapy. There are pros and cons to each of them and it is worth exploring all your options.

Cost Comparison of Bowen Therapy Training Options

A comparison of the costs for Bowen Therapy training offered in both live format and online format. Though hard to compare the costs are listed in approximation and may vary slightly. The difficult comparison is what is taught at each module as some schools teach differently.



Module 1$299 (Lifetime access to all video classes and access to all reviews)$390 (2 day class)$385 (2 day class)$450 (2 days)£425 / $665 (4 days)
Module 2$390 (2 day class)$385 (2 day class)$297 (1 day)
Module 3$999* - $1399
Modules 1 through 6 (5 days)
CBT (Certified Bowen Therapist)
$390 (2 day class)
CBT (Certified Bowen Therapist)
$385 (2 day class)$850 (3 days)£180 / $280 (2 days)
Module 4$390 (2 day class)$385 (2 day class)£325 / $510 (3 days)
Module 5$390 (2 day class)$385 (2 day class)$850 (3 days)
Module 6 (CBP) $390 (2 day class)$385 (2 day class)£180 / $280 (2 days)
Module 7$540
Modules 7-8 (3 days)
$540 (3 day class)$580 (3 day class)$525 (2 days)£325 / $510 (3 days)
Module 8 (CBT) $385 (2 day class)
Module 9Comparable Modules 9-12 are taught in the above Mods 7-8 (which provides for the CBP - Certified Bowen Practitioner)Mods 9-12 are taught in Mods 7-8 (which provides the CBP - Certified Bowen Practitioner)$385 (2 day class)N/AN/A
Module 10$385 (2 day class)N/AN/A
Module 11$385 (2 day class)N/AN/A
Module 12$385 (2 day class)N/AN/A
Anatomy & Physiology$90$90$500Varies£398 / $622
Association DuesInclusiveInclusive$104 per annum$450 ($350 + $100 per annum)£45 / $70 per annum
Total$1,839* - $2,239
*Student Rate
$2,880$4,915 $3,422 £1,878 / $2,937
Endorsed by
Tom Bowen's Family

The above table shows a comparison for the 5 most popular training options, there are more that should be included in your research.

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  1. Dear Johnathan,
    I am trained thru Bowtech thru Special Procedures 2 If i had a lifetime membership would that include all videos up thru the advanced work?
    Sincerely, char

    1. Dear Charlene, the Modules 1-4 on the Bowen-Online website are approximately the same as bowtech’s modules 1-6. The bowtech specialized procedures are not on the site at this time.

  2. I have taken the Botech Modules 1-8 but I would like at this time to have some vidios to be able to watch. The classes they had were good but I feel just a little too rushed to be able to comprehend everything. I may in the future want to be certified but not at this time.


    1. Most people experience this and I’ve fund that the Online Video Classes really help students revisit the procedures as they need.

    • Cindy Hubbard on July 26, 2013 at 12:53 am
    • Reply

    Hi! I have completed modules 1 through 6 with Bowtech. Can I switch over to online and complete my training to become certified? If so would I be able to use the same manuals? Is the purchase of the online training a one time fee or annual fee?

    Thank You Cindy

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