My first H1 Heading

I'm starting my ND education in January at CCNM. Excited as I am, I just wanted to learn more prior to starting my education, and because of Bowen-online, it has gotten me started with Bowen Therapy! Again, thank you for providing such an awesome experience!

Romi Fung ND, Richmond

About the course itself, I thought it was fantastic.  A lot of material which was awesome!  The clients were articulate and had an exceptional self awareness.  I would definitley reccommend this course to anyone.

Sarah Cooke RMT, Yukon

I already bought manuals 1-6. I really love how you put them together with clear instructions, illustrations and the extra anatomy information!!! I learned a lot from them.

O. Hill

The manual is so well written. I am completely in love with the Bowen method already. The little bit I have practiced on myself has transformed my body just in the last 15 hours. Thank you again for creating them. I know it must have taken a very long time. The pictures are so clear and the instructions easy to follow.

The best 100 dollars ever spent!

Jenny Pao, San Fransisco

Thank you very much for the site. It's great and really useful for me and my family.
My family feels very well after the Bowen therapy and I want to thank you again for the online course and for the manuals.

Cristina Ganciu, Romania

My family and I have multiple chronic musculoskeletal issues that have been managed over time using Chiropractic, Massage, Rolfing, Yoga techniques but none of which have helped to resolve completely.  We also have two individuals with either autoimmune or hormone imbalance issues which we have been working towards improving.  Over my 21 yr career as a pharmacist and now my 2.5 yr career as a Bioenergetics practitioner, I have learned that the body is a miraculous creation and there are many different ways to try and help it improve its functionality and so I have been “looking outside the box” at other modalities leading me to Bowen.  I am completely convinced of its potential benefit.

Bowen has given me options to try and resolve issues without the need to place the body into sympathetic flow as so many other modalities tend to do.  There is only so much “no pain, no gain” and individual who is in chronic pain can tolerate.  I have seen several examples where the body tends to listen best when whispered to!!! Even though I have not been successful in resolving many of the issues we had set out to, it is a work in progress hence my CONSTANT nagging of you for your insights.

The materials you provide (video and manuals) have EXCEEDED my expectations!   I look forward to your posting of the remaining videos---at your manageable time frame. The description and landmarking you provide makes it possible for even those of us with minimal musculoskeletal knowledge to manage.  Thanks, in advance.

The cost was very reasonable ¦thus feeding my wanting to learn some of the technique instead of just seeking out another practitioner.

The support has been fantastic.  I have to be careful not to heap too much praise as your ego may not withstand it!!

I would and have already recommended it to others even to the point of making others aware of potentially training to become a practitioner as I have current clients who are massage therapists (easier transition I would think because of their knowledge base).

Al Mohammed ND