Baby Bowen Treats Colicky Baby

Treating Colic With Bowen Therapy

Moves 1-2 Baby Bowen for ColicUsing the Baby Bowen Therapy should be considered only in addition to the continued care of the child’s paediatrician or other primary healthcare provider. The diet and health of the nursing mother is a potential causative factor in their child’s symptoms. Advise the parents of the process you are about to undertake and ensure they are present for the treatments.

Newborns have Colicky Baby syndrome or infantile colic seen in either abdominal or respiratory discomfort causing their distress. The children are usually better with pressure on their abdomens and better for being carried or rocked, often vigorously. Bowen Therapy offers an exceptional benefit and relief for these types of symptoms. It can also be taught to the parents to be used as needed.

Baby Bowen for Neonates & Infants with Colic or Asthma Symptoms uses a modified protocol applying Basic Relaxation procedure (BRM 2) and the Respiratory procedure Moves (1 & 2).

Step 1 – Baby Bowen With the child securely held and positioned comfortably by a parent or therapist so as to receive Bowen Therapy moves on their upper back. Perform a medial move on the child’s left Erector spinae at the level of the inferior angle of each scapula followed by a medial move on the right Erector spinae. Immediately perform two lateral moves using the same finger on the same points with out pauses.

Moves 3-5 of Baby BowenStep 2 – Baby Bowen Immediately following the therapist performs Moves (3) to (5) of the Respiratory procedure in the usual manner including ‘holding point’ (3a). This protocol can be repeated as soon as needed in acute distress and when there is obvious and significant amelioration of the child’s symptoms.

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