Back Hope Telesummit Members

Access the most important Bowen Therapy procedures for pain management

As a complimentary offer Bowen-Online is offering members of the Back Hope telesummit a chance to learn and use the Bowen Therapy procedures that are most useful for chronic back pain.

Relieve chronic pain

With the simple and effective treatment that everyone can learn.

Treat yourself and others

If you know someone in pain and who has not found an answer this could well help.

Answer the question, why don’t I get better from chronic pain?

The idea of Bowen Therapy is to get out of the way what is in the way of  a person getting better.

The Offer for Back Hope Members

Regular price for the subscription level is $139.99

Now for a limited time you can register for 3 months for $39.99

You will receive access to the same materials and enjoy the full benefit of all the training materials, all the videos and all the printed information that a full Silver Subscription has to offer.

Sounds Good! Sign up below and get in immediately.




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