Barry Bowen – Tom Bowen’s Son Endorses Bowen-Online

Barry Bowen & Jonathan Damonte in 2011

Barry Bowen is happy and pleased to support Bowen-Online and the teaching of Jonathan Damonte. The two have met and worked together on several occasions to promote the work of Tom Bowen and Bowen-Online.

He states that he and his siblings wish is that the therapy created by their father, Tom Bowen, be better taught and better regulated as to who is a genuine certified bowen therapist. They are all so pleased that the work is now available in this high quality format.

Watch for new announcements on the formation of a practitioner listing for qualified therapists globally where the public will be able to find a qualified practitioner in their area.

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    • Sam on January 10, 2013 at 1:08 pm
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    So Tom Bowen's son wants the therapy regulated but is pleased that it is being taught via DVD's and to anyone? What sort of quality control is that?

    1. Thank you Sam. That's a great question and I'm pleased to answer it. The learning experience and the outcome for the student is dependant on the effort put in by them. What we provide is a viable structure – a digital classroom. To take the practice of this therapy further it is require to take live classes and pass the same testing that anyone taking a live class would have to do. In teaching both formats, digital and live, I have seen the digital students exceed the progress of the weekend class students greatly. I applaud Mr Bowen's effort to streamline and make cohesive his fathers work and his support is a great honour. Your openness to the question is very positive, keep up the healthy critical thinking.

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