Bowen-Online Learning – FAQ’s

[expand title=”What is Bowen-Online?“]

    Bowen-Online is the world’s first online training system for people everywhere wanting to learn and utilize the ‘world’s most efficient pain therapy’. Whether for personal use on family and friends, as a new career choice or as an additional therapeutic modality for an established medical practitioner.


[expand title=”How Does it Work?“]

    Bowen-Online is a subscription membership site where the content you are looking for is made available to you based upon the membership level you are subscribed too. There are currently 3 membership levels to subscribe to and the level of membership you choose is designed for your own requirement. For example a spouse looking to treat their partner’s knee pain might choose the ‘Bronze Day Subscriber’ as this is the lowest cost for getting the information they were looking for. A caregiver wanting to treat a chronic low back problem would be best to subscribe to the ‘Silver Monthly Subscriber’ level. Finally, a person wanting to become a Certified Bowen Therapist™ would need to subscribe to the ‘Gold Annual Subscriber’ level.


[expand title=”How are the classes taught?“]

    The classes are given in video format with workbooks that you can either print or simply view online. Additionally, the voice of the instructor guides your learning process. The goal of the class content is to convey an accurate learning experience for the demonstration of the procedures as if you are actually in a live class. In fact, the visual experience is much superior as you can review the demonstration as you learn and at your own speed. The first step of learning each procedure is to learn the scope of its benefit, what it aims to address and the anatomical structures it is applied to. Following this is a clear explanation of the procedure and finally a demonstration of it. The visual demonstrations utilize high definition video and an verbal description to match the written portion of the class video.


[expand title=”What can I expect from the training content?“]

    The content is in many ways better than a live class because you get to rewind each step and lesson you need to review. You can practice as much as you need and review as often as possible. We’ve taken every care to ensure the material is fully and clearly presented in both written, visual and video formats. Each subscription level contains unique material and are not interchangeable. The Gold level membership requires the completion of quizzes to continue to the next group of classes.


[expand title=”How do I purchase a Subscription?“]

    It’s a simple process of clicking the level of subscription you desire whereupon you will be transferred to PayPal to pay via credit card or by your PayPal account. Immediately following your payment your browser will be re-directed to the ‘Bowen-Online Registration’ page to grant you access to the content you have chosen.


[expand title=”Can I get a refund?“]

    At this time any subscription to Bowen-Online is guaranteed to give 100% Satisfaction or your money back within a limited number of days according to the following: Bronze 1 day, Silver 2 days, Gold 1 week. Otherwise, if your reasons for expecting one can be explained in a logical manner with a reasonable, rationale justification. Unfortunately, there’s no way to refund the ‘Bronze Day Subscription’ as it is only applicable for 1 day (24 hrs). Refunds for Gold & Silver membership subscriptions are pro-rated according to the time that has passed between the first day and when a refund is first requested, plus all fees associated with the transaction are withheld where applicable. Such transaction fees vary according to the method of payment and can range from 2% to 12% depending on the method of payment.



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