Homeopathy For Body Workers

Homeopathy For Body Workers


07/12/2019 - 08/12/2019    
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Homeopathy for Body Workers

Homeopathy for Bodyworkers is designed to teach a system of homeopathy that reliably enables remedy choices that will help your clients to more complete recoveries using the information you already currently employ for your assessments of each individual. The class is open for anyone interested in learning a reliable methodology for prescribing a homeopathic remedy.

This course is ideal if you currently do any of the following therapies:

Massage Therapy
Bowen Therapy
Therapeutic Touch

The teaching and most of the case studies presented will relate to the complaints bodyworkers contend with daily such as those of in the musculoskeletal sphere. However, this Homeopathy for Bodyworkers course teaches you a system of homeopathy to find a remedy not of the symptoms alone but those plus the patients state of reaction under the stress of their disease, injury and life’s stresses. This course will supplement your skills and empower you and your patients to support the work you already do.

This online course consists of 12 sessions over 4 months and can be viewed live at the time or viewed following the webinar class.

There are many reasons to add homeopathy to your toolkit and I hope to show you a reliable and repeatable system. This is not a new system for using homeopathy but a refinement of the work of the original work of the founders of homeopathy.

Why this course?

I was taught Bowen Therapy I was a practicing Homeopath. Homeopathy has always been a part of my Bowen Therapy practice too. With this class I will share with you the tools I use daily to prescribe effectively for the variety of conditions I see as a Bowen Therapist.

As the director of a chronic pain clinic for over 20 years where I practice both Bowen Therapy and Homeopathy – I wish I’d have started with this course.

Jonathan Damonte

The course will involve a some home study and a series of video lessons hosted here on Bowen-Online. The lessons will focus on the tools a practicing bodyworker can begin to use to prescribe homeopathy to their clients. Thereby addressing the physical conditions and blocks that hinder full recovery. You will be properly equipped to decide on a prescription to properly support your clients recovery process.

Course Outline

  1. History
    • Galen, Paracelsus, Hahnemman, Boenninghausen, Kent
    • Vithoulkas, Sankaran, Mangiolavori
  2. Science
    • Provings, Historical Research, Modern Research, Clinical Study
  3. Philosophy
    • Hahnemmanian, Kentian, Sensation, Family
  4. Scope
    • Conditions, Mental, Emotional, Physical
  5. Cases
    • Musculo-skeletal, Neuropathy, Hormonal, Injury and Surgery, Emotional
  6. Methodologies
    • Symptoms, Case Taking, Materia Medica’s, Repertories
    • Repertorization, Polarity Analysis
  7. Case Management
    • Understanding reaction, Using Bodywork and Homeopathy
  8. Pharmacy
    • Stock, Dispensary, Supplies
  9. Marketing
    • Materials, Message

The content of each class will cover the general topics as listed above. Reading materials and discussion to develop a sound understanding for the information needed to be fluent in the ideas. The lessons will include actual cases that illustrate the concepts of the lesson.

Recommended Resources

The following books, software and resources are not required to be purchased for the classes as there will be handouts provided and in addition access to the polarity software for a four month trial period following the class. Books and/or software would be necessary for the practice of homeopathy in a clinical setting and these can be purchased in time throughout the duration or following the class.

The resources are shown from the top down in order of importance so that you can budget your purchases.


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