FAQ’s for Learning Bowen-Online

What is Bowen-Online?

Learn this online either for personal use on family and friends or as a new career or an addition to therapies you already use. Bowen-Online is the world’s first and only online training system for healers everywhere wanting to learn the ‘world’s most efficient pain therapy’.

Who Started Bowen-Online?

Developed by Jonathan Damonte, a Canadian based instructor since 2002, in order to provide additional support to students attending his live classes. It has been used succesfully by interested peoiple throughout the world and continues to support these subscribers with new and original content.

How does it work?

The Bowen-Online Video Classes are viewed through subscriptions. There are 2 levels of subscription to choose from to and the level of membership you choose is designed upon the following:

Treat a spouse, friend or family member looking to treat another’s knee pain might choose the ‘Bowen Monthly’ as this is the lowest cost for getting the information they were looking for. 

A caregiver wanting to treat a chronic low back problem would be best to subscribe to the ‘Bowen Monthly’ level. Finally, a person wanting to become a Certified Bowen Therapist™ would need to subscribe to the ‘Bowen Annual’ level as well as attend a live class. 

Can I watch the videos on a computer or an iPad, iPhone or other smartphone?

Yes, the video lessons are completely compatible with all mobile devices. Including, iPad & iPhone, Android tablets & phones. The videos are hosted on Youtube and are accessible through the membership pages once you are registered.

How are the lessons taught?

The classes are given in video format with workbooks that you can either print or simply view online. Additionally, the voice of the instructor guides your learning process. The goal of the class content is to convey an accurate learning experience for the demonstration of the procedures as if you are actually in a live class. In fact, the visual experience is much superior as you can review the demonstration as you learn and at your own speed. The first step of learning each procedure is to learn the scope of its benefit, what it aims to address and the anatomical structures it is applied to. Following this is a clear explanation of the procedure and finally a demonstration of it. The visual demonstrations utilize high definition video and a verbal description to match the written portion of the class video.

What can I expect from the training content?

The way the content is presented to you is for most people better than attending occasional weekend workshops to learn Bowen Therapy as the core therapy is presented online in a way that can be reviewed over and over to catch each nuance of the therapy and each subtlety of touch required to be effective and this is only gotten by repetition. You can practice as much as you need and review as often as possible. We’ve taken every care to ensure the material is fully and clearly presented in both written, visual and video formats. Of course, should you wish to become more expert in the therapy you need the feedback from your teachers and for that you have to attend a live class to get the feedback of being properly observed and correct. That said, we have provided distance feed back to students on the other side of the world by video conference where the camera is trained on the work they do and the feedback is given after the instructor has seen the work being done. Technology is a wonderful tool and our goal is to make the training available to everyone.

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How do I purchase a subscription?

It’s a simple process of clicking the level of subscription you desire whereupon you will be transferred to PayPal to pay via credit card or by your PayPal account. Immediately following your payment your browser will be re-directed to the Bowen-Online Registration page to grant you access to the content you have chosen.

Can I upgrade my subscription?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time.

Can I get a refund?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30 days after purchase less any applicable credit card or PayPal processing fees except for the ‘Trial for a Day’. See the terms of the 100% guarantee at the bottom of each page.

Is Bowen Therapy regulated?

There are currently no governmental regulations for the practice of Bowen Therapy in any jurisdiction, anywhere, world-wide. This is a fact that means that there are no bodies that regulate the practice of Bowen Therapists or the schools that teach it. The therapy is still in its early stages of practice and early stages of organization in terms of practitioner associations, country associations and so on. The Bowen family have no voice in the regulation of the therapy that bears their father’s name either and interestingly have never received royalties from any school or organization using their name, except for Bowen-Online.

In Canada healthcare is a provincial jurisdiction and they do not have Bowen Therapy nor Bowen Therapists under their governance and would not do so unless the practice of Bowen Therapy is deemed a risk to the public and would thereby require a regulatory body be set up, this is currently being done for the practice of homeopathy in Ontario and is a process that takes many years. It was done for Naturopathy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and so on. It is the reason extended health care benefits cover some forms of alternative treatment and not others. If the government were to make the practice a regulated profession under the ‘Health Professions Act’ then all the schools and practitioner associations would be bought into the process by the government reaching out to all interested parties for the purpose of bring an umbrella regulatory process to the therapy, therapists and schools.

There is no one authority or regulating body for Bowen therapy in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, India or anywhere in the world at this time. Anyone can learn the therapy and decide to charge for services. What does exist are individual schools that have organized their own certification standard, their own association and so on. These associations and the standards they adhere to reflect their own programmes and by no means make one better or worse than another. Learning Bowen Therapy at this time requires the student themselves choose for themselves which program they feel comfortable with and there are of course advantages and disadvantages for each.

Bowen Online has the full endorsement for their program from the Tom Bowen Heritage Foundation and the Bowen family. The graduates of Bowen Online are listed on the bowencanada.ca site and can be listed on the international website bowendirectory.com as well.

Can I get certified?

Yes, certification as a Certified Bowen Therapist™ (CBT™) is granted following the completion of the online classes and live classes 1-6.


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