Commonly Treated Conditions

Bowen Therapy Treats

bedThe list below provides a general overview of the types of conditions treated with Bowen Therapy. Of course, it is never a replacement for the ongoing health care and diagnostics provided by a persons primary healthcare provider but is a therapy for the relief of chronic and acute conditions. The list below is to show the scope of effect that Bowen Therapy has and the wide range of bodily systems affected positively.

“Bowen Therapy answers the question of why a body in chronic pain doesn’t simply get better.”

Back Pain - Chronic and AcuteHip PainConstipation
Frozen Shoulder & PainSacral Iliac Joint DisordersColic
Tennis Elbow & TendonitisSciaticaIrritable Bowel Syndrome
Carpal Tunnel SyndromeLeg Length DiscrepanciesGERD & Heartburn
Arthritic PainKnee & Ankle painInfertility
Sports InjuriesHammer Toes & BunionsIrregular Hormones
Hamstrings InflexibilityPlantar FaciitisChronic Fatigue Syndrome
Headaches & MigrainesAsthmaRheumatism
TMJ SyndromeAllergiesNeuralgia
ScoliosisSinusitisPost Surgical Rehab

A Pictorial view of what Bowen Therapy can do


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