Live Class Schedule with Jonathan Damonte

Bowen Therapy Class Schedules

Date Live Class Type

02/03/2019 - 04/03/2019
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Modules 1-2, Los Angeles
Garden Grove – Los Angeles, CA, Garden Grove CA

23/03/2019 - 25/03/2019
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Advanced Clinic - Modules 7-8 Salt Spring Island
Be Well Now Centre – Salt Spring Island, Salt Spring Island BC

27/04/2019 - 29/04/2019
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Modules 3-4, Los Angeles
Garden Grove – Los Angeles, CA, Garden Grove CA

27/05/2019 - 31/05/2019
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Modules 1-4 - Salt Spring Island
Be Well Now Centre – Salt Spring Island, Salt Spring Island BC

29/06/2019 - 01/07/2019
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Modules 5-6, Los Angeles
Garden Grove – Los Angeles, CA, Garden Grove CA

02/11/2019 - 09/11/2019
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Costa Rica November 2019
Samasati, Limon Costa Rica

Taught by Jonathan Damonte of the North American Bowen Teaching College.

The Bowen Therapy class schedules below are been designed as an intensive learning programme. A fast track to certification when combined with the Bowen Online lessons. Choose to either do the online lessons first or following a live class as both options provide you the review when needed.

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  1. Daniel Gartlan

    Am I understanding that I can be certified at 1 level after modules 1-4 along with hands-on live classes. Then there is another certification level 5-6 modules. Then another 7-8. Is that correct?

    1. Jonathan Damonte

      Hello, the steps are as follows:
      Modules 1-6 via live classes
      Modules 1-4 online
      120 hours Anatomy & Physiology
      100 clinical/practice hours
      The Bowen Therapist Certification Exam


    Hi Johnathan, are the new online procedures available with the monthly subscription? Also does it give access to your anatomy lectures?
    Nuala a

    1. Jonathan Damonte

      Yes, the content including the new lessons is available to all subscribers, monthly and annual.

  3. Wanda

    Hi Jonathan,
    I’m interested in becoming certified. Do you have any live training scheduled in 2018 for Atlantic Canada?


    1. Jonathan Damonte

      Dear Wanda, I would be very pleased to travel to teach in the maritimes or elsewhere in Canada and have done so on many occasions. The usual way I go about this is to rely on those that might be able to organize with a space and a network of potential students. Please let me know if that interests you.

  4. Sarah Cooke

    Hi Jonathan,
    Do you ever teach in Toronto? If not would you have a recommendation of a great teacher?
    Thank you

    1. Jonathan Damonte

      Hi, there isn’t a way for me to know whose doing good work teaching. Perhaps ask other local practitioners their thoughts. I do sometimes manage to get a group in Toronto though I am more focused on teaching here on Salt Spring Island BC where it is getting known as a destiation for therapy training.

  5. Larissa

    Any classes offered in Europe? Thanks

    1. Jonathan Damonte

      Thank you for your interest. There are several options throughout Europe and I would expect these to be fairly standard in the teaching of the Bowen Therapy procedures. There are plenty of students of these other schools that also use the online lessons of Bowen Online to get the most out of their studies. Here are a few sites with classes about Europe: or

  6. Mitali

    In your techniques do you cover saitica as well.

    1. Jonathan Damonte

      Yes, sciatica is covered throughout the lessons as it is a fundamental condition that Bowen Therapy treats.

  7. Erica Breau

    Hi there,
    Wondering if there will be any live classes offered this fall?

    1. Jonathan Damonte

      Yes, see

      1. Erica Breau

        Great! Thank you!

  8. Tee

    Hello Jonathan, Will there be any classes offered in Ontario in the future? Modules 1 to 6 or 1 to 8? Thanks. T.

    1. Jonathan Damonte

      Yes, this coming February 2017 at the Naturopathic College in Toronto. If you are subscribed to the Bowen-Online Newsletter the dates and fees will be posted shortly.

  9. Maria José villa

    Hola Jonathan. I am a kinesiology living I Spain Madrid.Already toke Module 1 and 2 but would like to finish Bowen formation with your online courses.
    A friend, Bowen therapist in Portugal spoke me very well about your training practice.
    How does the online course works? Could I start right now? Price? Videos and tutorials available? How can I get a certificate after finalising it?
    Thank you very much in advance.
    best, Pepa

    1. Jonathan Damonte

      Iit is possible to have a certificate after completing the online lessons. The reason is that you have already taken a live class. In a situation like yours we can book a video class where I get to see you at work and can give some feedback about your technique and areas where there are adjustments to make in the way we work muscle and move skin to access it. Plus, more fine tuning of your technique.

      The steps for you are:
      Take the online classes, the exam.
      Arrange a video lesson when you can have a person to work on.
      Complete 100 clinical hours or practice, you record these. (e.g. 33 people of 3 treatments)

      Here is a link to my clinic website schedule and I would suggest the 90 min Video Consultation option as the appropriate amount of time.

  10. Adina


    I am looking for some clarification:
    There is NO offered full – class structured course available in Canada?

    So is it that I would do the online courses and then head to a certification day in order to complete this program in full.

    Many thanks ahead!

    1. Jonathan Damonte

      Hi, there are full schedules of Modules 1-8 classes averrable in Ontario and BC in Canada. As well, in Los Angeles. View the full schedule hereAll Classes.


    I live in DALLAS TX, and I would like to learn directly from a teacher and have practice during the courses if is possible.
    Do you have any time for Dallas in your schedule ?

    1. Jonathan Damonte

      Hi, so sorry for the long delay in responding. I can always make time to teach in any area if there are enough students to justify it. I can teach a minimum of 6 students so if that is something you think can be organized,let’s try to make it happen.

  12. Larissa

    Hi,I am a Europe located ,interested in your Certification course but it’s too geogrphicaly and finantially unconvenient to attend a Live class :-) so please is it possible you organize some live classes in Europe? Thanks.

    1. Jonathan Damonte

      Hi Larissa, I would come to Europe if there are enough students. If you have any ideas to how to organize a group that might help me get started there. Best wishes

    2. Jonathan Damonte

      Whereabouts are you in Europe. If you are able to help organize a location and date I can promote the class. If you have any ideas let’s talk about the possibility as I can come anytime there is a request and a real opportunity to have a class to cover the expense.

  13. Agnes Soh

    Please advise if there is any online course for module 7 & 8?

    Thank you

    1. Jonathan Damonte

      Thank you for enquiring. At this time the only modules online are 1-4. The main reason is that modules 5-8 make sense to utilize once a person has some proficiency and more importantly experience with the most commonly used procedures, those taught in Modules 1-4. There are digital and printed manuals 1-8 available at

  14. ria

    Hey Jonathon!! happy New Year!!
    saw that you are in Ontario for January,…
    no classes in Vancouver then??
    can you let ,me know if you are planning classes for us in February??
    talk soon!!!
    big hugs,

  15. Renee Heitner

    Are the anatomy models free when the gold membership is purchased?

  16. Abdullah Abd Elaziz

    Hello Jonathan,
    It’s me again!! I will register for the 8 modules that you will teach over a course of two weeks at CCNM this spring. My goal is to be a CERTIFIED BOWEN THERAPIEST. REGARDING THE ANATOMY,PHYSIOLOGY AND CLINICAL HOURS, as I referred in my previous conversation I am a 4th year student at CCNM,
    DOES THIS EXEMPT ME from this requirement as I completed equivalent courses in the college
    Also, as I a Clinic Intern at the college clinic, where I already completed 500 Clinic hours and 200 patient contact using naturopathic modalities. Moreover, I am an International medical graduate ( Anesthesiologist from Egypt) I had 9 years of experience as a registrar of anesthesia and completed residency of Anesthesia in a University hospital in Egypt. Does that all count towards the clinic hours and my bachelor of medicine and surgery transcript from there count towards the anatomy and physiology requirements ? I also have post graduate studies in Anatomy and physiology as part of my Master Degree of Anesthesia!
    Also, Regarding the on line exams do I have to sit both exams ( the practioner and the therapiest or only the therapist one) how much does it cost for the exams and for the whole process of certification.
    To be honest, THE DRIVING FORCE behind registering for those 8 in class modules is to be a certified Therapist as this certification will help me when I go back to my home country where I practice pain management. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES TO BE CERTIFIED ONCE I FINISHED THE 8 IN CLASS MODULE GIVEN MY EDUCATION AND BACKGROUND.
    Thank you very much and see you Feb 17 at CCNM
    Kindest Regards,

  17. Sylvie Wampfler

    Jonathan, I am looking into completing the training you offer.

    So, my understanding is this : If I register for the Gold subscription, I can complete modules 1-4 online and then will have to take a live class for modules 5-6, which would be followed by the exam to become a CBP.

    Modules 7-8 also require to attend a live class, ending with the exam to become a CBT.

    I have a few questions. 1)Are you planning on offering a live class for modules 5-6 and 7-8 next year (2015) in the Vancouver area or to offer modules 5-6 and 7-8 online next year?

    2) The anatomy studies required (120 hours)? Do you supply the material or is this included in the later modules?

    Thanks, Jonathan, we’ll see you next week,

    Take care,


    1. Jonathan Damonte

      Hi Sylvie, lovely to hear from you.

      If you want to be certified then the only option is to do both the online and live classes of Mods 1-4. Then Mods 5-6 where you would be certified. Mods 7-8 are optional. There is a link to an online anatomy and physiology class on the website but any programme totalling 120 hrs would suffice.

      I will be announcing class dates for this coming January in Vancouver. I hope to start a group in January for Modules 1-4 then for the spring for Mods 5-6 and the fall for Mods 7-8.

  18. Abdullah AbdElaziz

    Hello Jonathan,

    I am an intern (4th year student ) at CCNM, i did not attend anty Bowen modules class before. Could i register for module 7-8 that will be held this Sept and posted in upcoming courses at CCNM continuing education website and then register for module 1-4 later on in Feb or it does not work this way! also is there is any plan for module 5-6 at CCNM location soon?

    Another question after completion of all these module what kind of certification i will get?

    Thank you

    1. Jonathan Damonte

      Hi Abdullah, I'm sorry to have been so long to reply. Somehow I lost the question in my inbox but have found it online since. Anyway, the possibility is there to learn in a backwards manner as there consists of a complete review of the modules 1-6 during the class. Additionally, this class is going to be quite small and so we'd get to work one-on-one quite a bit. Also, the online classes would be there for you to review and refresh as needed. If you'd like to discuss further please call me directly.

  19. Jonathan Damonte

    Dear Linda, we will be announcing a class schedule in Ontario shortly. Probably October and again the following February. I will add your name to the mailing list to keep you up to date and you can unsubscribe at any time.

  20. Paige

    Hello, I live in Grande Prairie, Alberta. I was wondering if there are Bowen classes offered here? Or is it possible to train by correspondence.

    There is a lady in town practicing and she is amazing at what she does, she has inspired me to want to be a bowen therapist as well.

    1. Jonathan Damonte

      Great to hear that inspiring news. You can probably find an Alberta Bowen class via and many students enjoy the online option of Bowen-Online as it provides the best at home learning option and is by far the least cost oveall.

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