It’s all about the foot said the hip to the knee!

The Webinar, viewable again below, was a blast to put together and I want to thank you for attending and I hope you enjoyed it. Watch for announcements for the next webinar, 'It's all about the sacrum the hips said to the back!' where we'll explore the trio of procedures called Pelvic, Sacrum and Coccyx that are the most essential Bowen Therapy procedures used in practice. Make sure you're on the newsletter list to get notifications.

PDF Downloads of all the foot Procedures are below

Plus, the video's are there too.

As a further benefit for attending the webinar

The Gold membership to Bowen Online provides you lifetime access to the full video lessons of Bowen Therapy Modules 1-4. These covers the majority of what most clients would ever need for treatments and as a bonus you receive the Manuals 1-4 the regular cost is $299 and now you can get it all for $199. 
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The downloads are attached below:

Click to Download the Foot Procedures Instruction Sheets

Ankle Procedure
Ankle Procedure
ankle_procedure (0 click)
270 KB
Ankle Taping procedure
Ankle Taping procedure
ankle_taping_procedure (0 click)
411 KB
Bunion Procedure
Bunion Procedure
bunion (0 click)
1 MB
Hammer Toes Procedure
Hammer Toes Procedure
hammer_toes_procedure (0 click)
293 KB
Hammer Toes Taping Procedure
Hammer Toes Taping Procedure
hammer_toes_taping (0 click)
2 MB
Plantar Fasciitis Protocol
Plantar Fasciitis Protocol
plantar_fasciitis (0 click)
361 KB

It's all about the foot! Said the hip to the knee - The Videos

Ankle & Hammer Toes


Plantar Fasciitis

The Webinar

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