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About Bowen Therapy

What is Bowen Therapy? It is a hands-on bodywork technique. It is both simple and effective.  Developed in the 1970's by Tom Bowen in Australia, Bowen therapy is still fairly new to the world. Whether you're a practitioner or a newcomer to healthcare Bowen therapy provides many simple tools that are shown to work for …

About Bowen-Online

Bowen-Online is an online training platform designed to support the learning of Bowen Therapy or Bowen Technique. It was started in 2012 by Jonathan Damonte, a longtime teacher and therapist located on the West Coast of Canada. He has trained with many of the original proponents and teachers of Bowen Technique including, Ossie Rentsch, a …

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Becoming a Certified Bowen Therapist

Simple Steps to a New Career Becoming a Certified Bowen Therapist is not everyone's goal or reason for learning Bowen Therapy through Bowen Online. The certificate steps outlined below are optional and are not a required goal of the lessons. Students and subscribers come from many different backgrounds and practices, even different careers. As befitting Tom …


Bowen Online Live Webinar Page

Bowen Online Webinars - LiveBowen Therapy for Neurological Conditions00Days00Hours00Minutes00SecondsWant More?SPECIAL OFFERBowen  Online Training Program (Includes lessons for modules 1-4)$199 for Lifetime subscription​YES, Sign me up!© {tcb_current_year}. All rights reserved Bowen OnlineDisclaimer

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Bowen Online Webinar Series

FREE Webinar Series Sign up PAgeWatch Live or Watch & LaterDiscover the Keys to a Highly Effective Bowen Therapy PracticeIf you are a student of health, a therapist or an interested in new knowledge or a new career this webinar series will illuminate you to the wonderful world of the therapy named after its developer, Tom …
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Bowen Therapy for Feet – Treating Ankle, Plantar Fasciitis & Bunions

A brief overview of the Bowen Therapy treatments for Ankle pain/strain, Hammer toes, Bunions and Plantar fasciitis. Enjoy this sample of the content that makes up each of the lessons on the Bowen-Online website. Please note that the video is an abbreviated lesson to demonstrate the visual appearance, in this case it does not include …

Bowen Therapy Manuals and Training Books

Purchase Bowen Therapy Manuals 1-8 Click here to view the mobile version of the shop. Download pdf versions of the manuals immediately or order printed and bound hard copies. Order individual manuals or a compete set. Priced between $39.99 and $199. The manual is so well written. I am completely in love with the Bowen …

Bowen Therapy Online a Place for Learning

Thank you very much for the site. It’s great and really useful for me and my family. My family feels very well after the Bowen therapy and I want to thank you again for the online course and for the manuals. Ganciu Cristina, Romania. Study Bowen Therapy Eliminate pain in a fast and efficient manner Treat …

Bowen Therapy Sacral Procedure for Low Back Pain


Bowen-Online Become A Certified Bowen Therapist

Become a Certified Bowen Therapist

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Certification Exam

Please click below to begin the Bowen Therapist Certification Exam. You can take this anytime during your learning process and you can repeat it as often as needed. The other steps towards certification include, completion of an Anatomy & Physiology class, a 5 day live class and 100 clinic hours of practice.


Commonly Treated Conditions

Bowen Therapy Treats The list below provides a general overview of the types of conditions treated with Bowen Therapy. Of course, it is never a replacement for the ongoing health care and diagnostics provided by a persons primary healthcare provider but is a therapy for the relief of chronic and acute conditions. The list below …

Contact Us

For Bowen Online and The School of Bowen Email Us Questions Telephone: 1 250- (FIVE) 37-8904 Address: 7-315 Upper Ganges Rd., Salt Spring Island BC V8K 2X4 Unsubscribing Follow the links via the PayPal payment notification. Or, write and request to unsubscribe from your 'Monthly' or 'Annual' subscription.

Copyright Policy of Bowen-Online

This website and its content is copyright of Bowen-Online - © Be Well Now TM 2012. All rights reserved. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited other than the following: You may print or download to a local hard disk extracts for your personal and non-commercial …

Cost Comparison of Bowen Therapy Schools

These schools are all offering similar training in Bowen Therapy. There are pros and cons to each of them and it is worth exploring all your options. The above table shows a comparison for the 5 most popular training options, there are more that should be included in your research.

Costa Rica 2019

Bowen Therapy Costa Rica 2019 Advanced Bowen Therapy Trainingwith Jonathan Damonte Nov 2-9A unique opportunity to learn this revolutionary therapeutic system in a beautiful setting.Interested in a new career in a flourishing health profession?​or​Are you already a practitioner and want to add a new skillset to your current practice?​​Pain is the number one reason patients will seek …


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FAQ’s for Learning Bowen-Online

What is Bowen-Online? Learn this online either for personal use on family and friends or as a new career or an addition to therapies you already use. Bowen-Online is the world’s first and only online training system for healers everywhere wanting to learn the ‘world’s most efficient pain therapy’. Who Started Bowen-Online? Developed by Jonathan …

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Guaranteed Satisfaction

The Bowen Online Guarantee consists of the following warranty. 100% refund for any reason within 30 days of purchase, less PayPal fees. For more information contact the president by e-mail. Bowen Online Shop Guarantee All sales final on digital downloads, except in the rare situation where the download function fails and you can request help …

Homeopathy for Body Workers

Homeopathy for Bodyworkers is designed to teach a system of homeopathy that reliably enables remedy choices that will help your clients to more complete recoveries using the information you already currently employ for your assessments of each individual. The class is open for anyone interested in learning a reliable methodology for prescribing a homeopathic remedy. …

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How to get the best out of Bowen-Online

Hi , it's great to have you here. Here's a little information to get you started, please read this as you can only access this page after you  register. You have registered for one of 3 subscription levels of Bowen-Online, bronze, silver or gold. The differences between these levels are in the content for each level …
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It’s all about the foot said the hip to the knee!

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Watch a Free Sample Video of Bowen Therapy for Ankle Pain, Hammer Toes, Bunion & Plantar Fasciitis

Learn Bowen Therapy. Classes, Books and Online Lessons

Simple Steps to Mastering a New Therapy or New Career Bowen Therapy is an alternative therapy method for treating pain and disease. It's remarkable effects on a body's ability to break its patterns of pain and inflammation or correct even long standing misalignment and functional disorders with amazingly fast and long lasting results. Don't let …

Lesson 1 – The Basics & 1st Steps


Live Classes in Bowen Therapy


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10:00 AM PST Thursday December 17th


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Bowen Therapy - The World's Most Effective Therapy

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Video LessonsBookshopLive LessonsLearn Bowen Therapy Online56 video demonstrations in 21 lectures.Watch and learn from them at your own pace and use the site as review or as needed on your mobile device.I've watched the lessons very carefully and read the manuals too. А very detailed, rich and precise work. And undoubtedly- very helpful. In fact, only one …

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This privacy policy sets out how The School of Bowen, Bowen-Online & The Be Well Now Centre uses and protects any information that you give The School of Bowen, Bowen-Online & The Be Well Now Centre when you use this website. The School of Bowen, Bowen-Online & The Be Well Now Centre are committed to ensuring that your privacy …

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The following procedures are available to purchase individually. You get immediate access to the content that you specifically need. Lectures & Procedures - $29.99 Online Manual - FREE Procedure Summary Downloads - FREE

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Written by Jonathan Damonte. The manual consists of 50 pages describing in detail a further 31 complete Bowen Therapy procedures and protocols. (See Contents) Purchase Bowen Therapy Manuals 7-8 for immediate download now. The content in the final set of Tom Bowen's manuals is relevant to the practitioner already utilizing the work as laid out …

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Step 1Online LessonsStep 2Live ClassesStep 3CertificationOptions for Online ClassesThere are 2 subscription options for learning Bowen Therapy online. Both options provide full access to all lessons and videos.Monthly Subscription - For Every NeedAnnual Subscription - Best ValueThe online content and especially the manuals have enriched my understanding for the Bowen method beyond my expectations. The …

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​Sarah Cooke, Dawson CityThank you Jonathan for the wonderful week of training on Salt Spring Island.  It has had a profound impact on my practice as a RMT.  I can do so much more Bowen than MT and have increased my output by about 30%.  I’ve seen some on my toughest clients as a RMT make progress in …

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Webinar Bowen Therapy for Neurological Conditions

Bowen Therapy for Neurological Syndromes a FREE webinar*FREE LIVE*  WEBINARWith Jonathan Damonte"Reserve Your Seat Now, for thiswebinar training that will changethe way you think about Bowen Therapy..."Yes, Register MeSeptember28It’shappening Thursday (Sept 28th) 11am PST (Vancouver)Timeleft:35Days18Hours16Minutes05Seconds*Important Note:due to technical restrictions the available places on this webinarare strictly limited!Reserve your spot now and sign in to the webinar early …


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