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About Bowen Therapy – It’s History, Theory & Science
Includes the Essential Bowen Therapy Move. Plus, the history, Science and theory of Bowen Therapy.
2 Videos

Managing Cases & Mechanism of Action

Learn to treat and manage acute and chronic health problems using the world's most efficient bodywork system. Includes how to treat a case and how it works.
2 Videos

Lower Back Procedure
The Lower Back Procedure is an essential prerequisite for the application of most lower body procedures. Plus, it is the most fantastic low back pain reliever...ever!
4 Videos

Upper Back Procedure
The Upper back Procedure is an essential prerequisite for the application of all upper body procedures. It WILL relieve your tight shoulders and mid-back like a month long vacation.
5 Videos

Neck Procedure
The Neck Procedure works so simply it is almost hard to believe that these little efforts of movement over muscles, nerves and ligaments can work so well!!! It is a prerequisite for the procedures of the jaw, shoulder, elbows and forearms.
4 Videos

Back Spasm
Useful for chronic upper back tension and we mean chronic back tension, this will address the worst of the worst. It is for the one who seems to never be pain free usually due to injuries. Consider also the Upper back, neck and shoulder procedures.

Headache Procedure
A simple treatment and excellent relaxation tool anyone can learn, perfect for your young'uns that won't settle for sleep Consider the Upper Back & Neck Procedures too.

Shoulder Procedure
For Frozen Shoulder, Tendonitis, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Expect to get immediate benefits! It's prerequisites are the Upper Back and the Neck Procedures.

Knee Procedure
Knee pain from strain, arthritis, injury and after surgery. Use it acutely or for chronic injury. Do get the Lower Back Procedure too and best is to also apply Pelvic and Hamstrings.

Kidney Procedure
To know and be certain is the goal of any therapy, Kidney's need support and there's no easier way. Must use Upper back Procedure to gain the benefit of this Kidney and Adrenal marvel.

Sacrum Procedure
Essential treatment for lower back pain, sacral iliac (SI joint) pain. Sooo!!! good in pregnancy and labour. Partner with the Lower Back Procedure and Pelvic procedure for best results. Also consider the Respiratory & Hamstrings procedures.

Pelvic Procedure
The ultimate hip alignment therapy. Treats hip pain, arthritic pain, groin and gluteal strains. The Lower Back Procedure is the prerequisite to the Pelvic procedure also consider Sacum and Hamstrings procedures.

Hamstrings Procedure
Can't stretch enough? Learn the better way to looser limbs the Bowen Therapy Hamstrings procedure will work to ease the chronic tension in your lower limbs. Consider too the Pelvic & Sacrum Procedures and the Lower Back Procedure is the prerequisite for these.

Respiratory Procedure
The procedure that works on the chest area also works to ease digestive complaints especially of the stomach. Also, use for anxiety and shock, allergies and asthma. The prerequisite is the Upper Back Procedure.

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