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I’ve watched the lessons very carefully and read the manuals too. А very detailed, rich and precise work. And undoubtedly- very helpful. In fact, only one word- Brilliant! True knowledge always lies in simplicity…Marina D.


keyboardMembership in Bowen-Online includes the following subscription options. They are designed to enable you to receive the specific content you need in a timely manner without the high financial cost or time out of your busy life schedule. The complete learning content that you require is available online in the highest quality video and text for you to review as often as needed.

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Access to the following lessons
Includes the Bowen Therapy Instruction Manuals 1-4 for FREE

About Bowen Therapy – It’s History,
Theory & Science
Essential Bowen Therapy Moves
Mechanisms of Action
Case Management

1. Neck & Shoulder
2. Back Spasm
3. Headache
4. Shoulder
5. Knee
6. Lower Back
7. Upper Back
8. Sacrum
9. Feet
10. Kidney
11. Respiratory
12. Hamstrings
13. Pelvic
14. Coccyx
15. Rectus Femoris
16. Ankle
17. Ankle Taping
18. Hammer Toes
19. Hammer Toes Taping
20. Plantar Fasciitis
21. Bunion
22. Heel
23. Upper Respiratory
24. TMJ
25. North Shoulder 

26. South Shoulder
27. East Shoulder
28. West Shoulder 

29. Elbow & Wrist
30. Carpal Tunnel
31. Hands
32. Baby Bowen
Access to the following lessons
Includes the Bowen Therapy Instruction Manuals 1-4 for FREE
  1. About Bowen Therapy –
  2. It’s History
  3. Theory & Science
  4. Bowen Therapy Moves
  5. Mechanisms of Action
  6. Case Management
  7. Neck & Shoulder
  8. Back Spasm
  9. Headache
  10. Shoulder
  11. Knee
  12. Lower Back
  13. Upper Back
  14. Sacrum
  15. Feet
  16. Kidney
  17. Respiratory
  18. Hamstrings
  19. Pelvic
  20. Coccyx
  21. Rectus Femoris
  22. Ankle
  23. Ankle Taping
  24. Hammer Toes
  25. Hammer Toes Taping
  26. Plantar Fasciitis
  27. Bunion
  28. Burning Heel
  29. Baby Bowen
  30. Upper Respiratory
  31. TMJ
  32. North Shoulder
  33. South Shoulder
  34. East Shoulder
  35. West Shoulder
  36. Elbow & Wrist
  37. Carpal Tunnel
  38. Hands
  39. What to say to Clients
  40. BRM 1 – Super Review
  41. BRM 2 (1-8) - Super Review
  42. BRM 2 (9-16) – Super Review
  43. Working Through Clothing
  44. Respiratory & Gall Bladder
  45. Colon Procedure
  46. Ileocecal Valve
  47. Sacral Release
  48. Lumbar Release
  49. Gluteal Release
  50. Coccyx Neck
  51. Coccyx Oblique
  52. Deep Sciatic
  53. Sinus Procedure
  54. Eye A & B Procedures
  55. TMJ Advanced
  56. Psoas
  57. Vagus Nerve
  58. Manuals 1 & 2
  59. Manuals 3 & 4

Once you register you will immediately be returned to the log-in page where you can begin viewing the incredible content available to you. Each procedure is taught with the full manual to view a summary page to download and multiple videos of both the lessons and the procedures. It’s a lot better than being in a live class because you can rewind as you need.

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