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Baby Bowen for Colic

A detailed explanation on the best treatment for Infantile Colic.

Baby Bowen for Colic (13:20)

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Baby Bowen for Colic Instruction Sheet

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  1. Wendy Agars

    Hi Jonathon, your page on Pregnancy and Childbirth, and the list of conditions that Bowen may help with – could you provide a little more detail for those of us working in this area and the specific moves you use to address these conditions?

    1. Jonathan Damonte

      That’s a great request for a webinar subject. I will make one in due course. Just so you know the manual is a teaching manual and during the live class we use the outline you read as a guide for the discussion on the subject.

  2. Neelam

    The video stopped with 3.30 mins still on it. Could not get to watch it further.

    Planning to become a gold member. If videos don't work, I will not benefit. I will be watching on my iPad Please advise.

    1. Jonathan Damonte

      I've checked and both links to watch the video work on this page on an iPhone 4 which is less of a video player than an iPad. I will check on an iPad later to try and replicate the problem. The videos are either posted on Vimeo or a cloud server hosted by Amazon so the servers that the videos are housed on are very efficient but of course this might depend on your location. To test other videos on the site try the ones in the News menu.

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